Sunday, July 7, 2019

After 17 Months Cover Up they Confessed Syria Shot Down the Israeli F16

It took Israel and its western mainstream propagandists 17 months to disclose what brought down the US-made F16 back in February 2018, it took us a couple of hours.

How a good F16 looks like.
The difference between them and us, they are aggressors and criminals, in order to cover up their crimes they are hell-bent on lying, fabricating, dis-informing and distorting the truth; we, on the other side, are righteously defending our country from their aggression thus we are ‘hell-bent’ on debunking their lies and fabrications and reporting the truth to gain the trust of our readers.

On February 10th, 2018, it was a Saturday morning where the ‘Jewish’ Israelis are not supposed to work, let alone commit aggression, let alone lie about it, when a squadron of Israeli fighter jets, of the top of what the US taxpayers worked their lives hard to gift them, carried out a bombing against Syrian Arab Army units violating the Syrian air space. SAA air defense units fired back with their... Continue reading:

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