Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Mad Hatters Meet on Stolen Property & Create Fake Trump Heights on Syria’s Golan

A very tiny meeting of geopolitical mad hatters met on Syria’s Golan on Sunday, 16 June, to name a very tiny bit of the stolen property “Trump Heights.” PM Netanyahu’s tiny gathering came on the heels of his wife’s guilty plea to stealing — er, “misusing” — public funds. Among the many missing from the very tiny meeting of colonialists was US Sen. Lindsey Graham. Graham is the double-standard hypocrite who fervently supports a wall between the US and Mexico, whilst using his ‘American privilege’ to illegally enter other countries, with impunity.

Unshockingly, NATO media, self-proclaimed neutral media, faux conservative & faux liberal media pretty much wrote from the same script, in reports on Trump Heights. Fox News — long time supporters of the stethoscope-less fraud responder Helmets — could not decide whether to pimp the breach of International Law to its alleged largely Christian audience with the... Continue reading:

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