Thursday, May 16, 2019

Displaced Syrians Incredible Suffering at the Rukban Concentration Camp

Syrians who fled the crimes of ISIS and other terrorist groups which invaded their towns in Homs eastern countryside and sought refuge at the US-controlled Rukban camp lived indescribable suffering like what they fled from.

Dozens of families have managed to pay their way out of the Nazi-style concentration camp in the far southeast of the Syrian desert at the borders with Jordan have spoken about the miserable situation in the camp where about 40,000 other Syrian families are still trapped there under US-gun point and the mercy of US-controlled FSA terrorists of so-called Maghaweer Thawra and nearby remnants of ISIS.
They also described despicable American soldiers’ practices that only brings to the mind the sick memories of the inhumane nature of the US Army at Abu Gharib... Continue reading and watch the video report with English subtitles:

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