Saturday, April 13, 2019

Breaking: Israel Bomb Masyaf in Syria, Again

Israel fighter jets bombed the northeast of Masyaf City, in Hama western countryside bordering Tartous, the first explosions were heard at 2:30 am in the dense of the night, as usual of the Israelis, and the explosions were very loud as per the residents.

The explosions lasted for more than half an hour. Syrian Arab Army air defenses, within its limited capabilities, attempted responding to the incoming attack shot down a couple of the incoming missiles.

US fighter jets with Israeli flags were spotted over Kisrawan (Kesrouane), north of Beirut, Lebanon, where they flew very low overheads. The Lebanese government is accomplice in allowing the Israeli fighter jets passage by rejecting offers to arm their national army with air defenses.

Isareli prime minister Netanyahu is obviously thanking Russian President Mr. Putin for the latest favor the latter gave him stealing the remains of a... Continue reading:

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