Friday, March 29, 2019

Amb. Jaafari: The USA Can Give Up a State or Two of its Own to Israel

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari delivered the Syrian Arab Republic’s statement to the Security Council in regards with the latest Trump’s proclamation giving up the occupied Syrian Golan to Israel: “The USA can give up a state or two to Israel”.

Dr. Jaafari’s statement was delivered in Arabic, and he was given, as usual when it comes to the most important topics, a poor translator who couldn’t cope up with the ambassador and omitted important parts of his statement.

he following is the transcript to a more correct translation to what Ambassador Jaafari said in the above extracted video clip part:

The message from the Syrian Arab Republic, its people and its leadership, to the US and Israelis, is:

The Syrian Arab Golan is ours, and it will come back to us, and never be misguided by... Continue reading (video with English subtitles included):

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