Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Doctor Rola Hallam A Humanitarian Only for Those in Terrorist Controlled Areas of Syria

Rola Hallam - Syria
Doctor Rola Hallam, the humanitarian doctor for regime change in Syria, is still in action, setting up Hope Hospital, a crowd funded hospital near Jarabalus in Aleppo, an area under the control of Turkey’s Free Syrian Army proxies. Hallam is playing a key role in creating shadow government institutions in terrorist controlled areas of Syria which help to cement and justify continued occupation of Syria by terrorist forces and foreign states.

You may remember Hallam from the BBC Panorama special, “Saving Syria’s Children” made in 2013 which focused on an alleged napalm-like attack on a school in Aleppo on 26 August 2013, with victims being taken to the Atareb Hospital, which just happened to be a hospital set up by Hand in Hand for Syria a shady NGO operation of which Hallam was a member of the executive team.

Hallam, horrified at what she alleges was the repeated and deliberate bombing of hospitals in Aleppo during the 2016 Syrian army led campaign to liberate the city from terrorist militias, set up a crowd funded children’s hospital in April 2017 near Jarabalus in northern Syria. Hallam, like so many others in the NGO industrial complex tried valiantly to... Continue reading:

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