Friday, January 29, 2016

Russia's Total Support to Syria, Not Really!

This might come as a shock to some ultra Putinkjieh  (those who deity the Russian president Vladimir Putin) in their desperate attempts to stamp approval on all the acts of Russia with Syria to the extent they'd attack anyone who would criticize the hesitation and lack of real support Syria needed from its ally, and even Russia's weird accelerating businesses with all Syria's enemies on the account of Syria and the Syrian people. 

The spokeswoman of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs Maria Zakharova left no doubt in her latest press conference today Friday January 29, 2016 in Moscow and we quote from the Arabic translation conveyed by RT, Russian semi official mouthpiece: 'Moscow has never declared it totally supports the policy of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and has not considered  all opposition groups to Assad as terrorist groups' adding that 'Moscow has always pointed out at mistakes committed by Damascus'.

This defies any logic when not declaring anti-government groups attacking government facilities or interests in any sovereign country as terrorist groups. This also defies the international law which Russia is supposed to be one of 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council responsible for peace and stability in the world. This also is against the charter of the United Nations against foreign countries interfering in member states of the UN, through military means to effect a 'regime change' like the case in Syria.

However, this is not new as the Russians are trying to be Americans and play pragmatic policies where they should be strictly supporting the principles of international law.

We expect the Putinkjieh to be more stupid and continue their defense of Russian business policies on the account of slaughtering the Syrian people. 


  1. This article is so poorly written in English that it makes one wonder if its author is under the age of 13 years. Russia's presence in Syria is at the request of the legitimate government in Damascus which has a permanent seat at the U.N. Only imbeciles like you would suggest that the Russian's are aiming for "regime change", a type of conduct reserved for the enemies of Syria.



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