Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The USA is Very Good in Creating Enemies

Do you remember the last time someone threatened to invade the United States of America by sea, air or by land? Do you recall another nation preparing to occupy the USA, steal its wealth and enslave its citizens? Let me know if you do, but in the meantime you should know that the USA has not let any other nation on this planet not thinking and being cautious of a US invasion to its territories. You might be smart and mention the United Kingdom as an example of a country that doesn't fear being invaded by the USA, but then, what's the need of the USA to invade the UK if the UK governments are described by the British media as puppets to the USA?! Same applies for Germany, France, Spain, Italy.. you know, the gangs in NATO terrorist organization.

If there's nobody threatening to invade the USA or even threat its vital interests abroad, why spending all those trillions on the defense budget when there's no need for defense and all that efforts go for offensive?! 

An aircraft carrier would cost daily about $500 million
When another nation senses threat of invasion by the USA, don't you think that nation would immediately act like being an enemy of the USA? Cuba, Iran, North Korea...

How many Iranian military bases are near the USA?
When citizens of other countries are oppressed by stooges and puppet regimes appointed by the USA or protected by it, don't you think those people would act like being enemies of the USA? Libya, before and now Egypt?

Angry Egyptians fill Tahrir Square in central Cairo,
angered by a recent power grab by President Mohamed Morsi.
When citizens of countries and territories under occupation of countries protected and supported by the USA, don't you think those citizens would act like being enemies of the USA? Does Gaza or Palestine ring a bell here?

Israel’s Scorched Earth Policy
When citizens of sovereign countries are droned by US drones, don't you think their families would turn into enemies of the USA and would seek revenge for their killed relatives? Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq..

Children killed by drone strike
"The biggest concern I have is that when children grow up, the kinds of images they will have with them. People who have experienced such things, they don't trust people. They have anger, desire for revenge."
-Mental health professional -Living Under Drones page 87

"Every one of these dead noncombatant represents an alienated family, a new desire for revenge, and more recruits for a militant movement..."
- David Kilcullen, former adviser to General David Petraeus

So they know and yet they continue with the same as if they willingly 'recruit enemies of the USA with US taxpayers money'!

Weren't all the current terrorist groups like Al Qaeda for instance created by the CIA? Can you tell a terrorist group created by the USA that didn't turn against it at a later stage? The recent group known as the FSA or Free Syrian Army which is the umbrella under which Al Qaeda Levant operate in Syria, vows to 'reform the USA itself' after they finish with Syria.

Stupidity is what describe the US administrations foreign and even domestic policies throughout their history, but it seems it's fine with the USAians, the US citizens.

Who is the real terrorist?
Do you know that both of these criminals received a Nobel Peace Prize?!

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