Friday, March 16, 2012

Democracy Explained, Wild West Way

89.4% of 57.4% of Syrians eligible for voting are non-people for the West. That's 7,490,319 human beings out of 14,589,954 eligible to vote in a referendum out of the total population of about 24 Million in Syria.

If the West was keen to export real 'Democracy' to Syria and elsewhere then they should respect the 'importing' peoples' will, unless the West wants this type of Democracy which they usually deliver:

The West has always been and will always be hypocrites when it comes to slogans and what they really aim to do. Issues like Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Protecting Civilians... Are all great slogans for ugly acts, how many lives were lost under these slogans in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Serbia, Bosnia, Vietnam... and the list goes on.

If the West really respects any of their preached slogans, they'd start implementing it in their own countries, we've all seen hunger protests and labour protests of half a million UK citizens yet their officials duped it Riots by Infiltrators. We've seen the Paris suburbs and Sarkozy who was the minister of interior in France then before Gaddafi paid for his presidency election campaign attacked the poor and hungry with an iron fist. We've seen how Greek officials handle their own peoples' aspiration to rid of the control of bankers of their lives and the result was appointing a banker to rule them. We've seen Italians and how their government in a copy cat of Greek's handled them. We've seen the remarkably peaceful and overwhelming Occupy Wall Street movement and how brutally it was handled by 'law enforcement' thugs in the USA.. and again the list goes on.


Then watch:

& Let 'Democracy' Reign

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