Sunday, March 25, 2012

Congratulations Syrian People, You Won

The world has never seen a more vicious, ugly, coordinated media, intel, military, terrorism assault on a single country as what we've witnessed for over a year on Syria. The aggressors have used every trick in their books, improvised new cunning methods and collaborated at all levels with deception against the people of the oldest civilization of mankind, and civilization won.

Think of demonizing the Syrian government, then the army, then the officials, then the entire population who refused to join the NATO apes, fabricating of all information coming out of the country, 24/7 media propaganda of more than 70 countries and hundreds of news journals, all of NATO & its allies intelligence forces, high-tech communication systems including satellites, sanctions against the economy and population to the extent of sanctioning the president's wife and his mother in-law for allegedly exchanging emails!! and on..

Syria is not a big country in size, nor that big in population, neither in resources and eventually not in sphere of influence, physically and theoretically, but not in reality, this what was proven during the past year and with a 185,000 sq. kms (approx 71,430 sq. miles) of land, just the size of state of Washington and less than half the size of the state of Montana; and with a 24 million population - 1.5 million less than the state of Texas; and with a $59,000 GDP, that's 43 times less than that of France for instance, yet this small state has faced a coalition of NATO (an alliance that consists of 28 of the most powerful member countries) plus the Gulfies dubbed GCC (a coalition of 6 of the wealthiest countries in resources) added to them a combination of some failing states, mostly failing after being played with by NATO, with all their resources in media, military, intelligence, communication... and this country called The Arab Republic of Syria brought this coalition to its knees.

It's not me who is saying this, it's the United Nations Security Council on 21st of March, 2012, just 4 days ago has confirmed that the war on Syria has failed in a Presidential Statement under the number S/PRST/2012/6, and to know to what extent Syria won this war, start looking at the title of the statement: The Situation in the Middle East. It's supposed to be on Syria, yet it didn't dare title it against Syria, then go through the statement and you'll see it endorses the stance of the Syrian government that the latter declared from the beginning of the crisis in the country. In all 6 points, it brings nothing new to what the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad has declared in a speech in January 2012, at Damascus University. I won't go in details, you can go to his speech and see what came out of the UNSC Presidential Statement. It's exactly like how the Arab League has taken his speech to the UNSC earlier with their signature on it and adding a new demand asking the president of a sovereign country to step down based on their own media reports, which of course caused the entire attempt to fail at that infamous meeting of different countries trying to decide on the behalf of the people of nation their destiny. It's just for saving the ugly faces of the culprits especially as two of them are facing tough elections very soon.

A United Nations Security Council Presidential Statement is usually not worth the paper it's written on and even if you add the ink used to write it with, and when you see the enthusiastic western politicians praising this statement, you will realize their goals have dwarfed from a regime change in Syria, to weakening the regime in Syria to accepting the existence of the regime in Syria to finally asking the regime in Syria to endorse its own will with their support. If this is not a declaration of failure, there's no other definition of the term.

You lose a war when you don't achieve the goals you set for the war you launch, how about if you endorse your enemy's goals?

It's not the first time president Assad of Syria wins a great battle against the NATO-Gulfies-Cronies assault, he won the 2003 challenge when USA & UK invaded Iraq, destroyed the entire country and stood helpless at the doors of Syria, despite the enormous military power and the sky-rocketing momentum they gained after finishing Iraq. In 2005, when they assassinated the Lebanese former Prime Minster Rafic Hariri who on the same day of his assassination was facing a court session for corruption in Beirut, they thought that it's their chance to attack Syria after accusing it for their own killing. After a year when they noticed their plans are not working out despite the fact that they expedited the Syrian troops withdrawal from Lebanon which started a couple of years before, they pushed the dumbest criminals on the planet to launch a war to finish Hizbollah in neighboring Lebanon in order to end the Syrian influence in that country and later move to a situation where Syria would have a hostile regime on its east in Iraq with quarter a million of US troops, and another hostile puppet regime in the east in Lebanon, and a NATO member state to the north which is Fascist Muslim Brotherhood led Turkey, and a mini-puppet regime to the south, Jordan. The 2006 israeli aggression on Hizbollah proved a total failure, and a humiliating defeat to the israeli government of Olmert and the overestimated israeli army. Hizbollah didn't only manage to pause israel's aggression behind the borders, but managed to move the war into israel's own land (occupied Palestine) for the first time since the establishment of this parasite state. Hizbollah of Lebanon thanked Syria and its president Assad for the support during the war. The NATO & Sons Aggressions Company found in their manufactured Arab Spring their latest chance in actually installing a puppet regime in Damascus that would finally let israel live comfortably and think of growing once again instead of worrying of own existence. And this failed.

Congratulations to Syria for winning this latest battle against the powers of evil, to the Syrian great people for understanding the plot from the beginning and not falling for it, to the Syrian holy Army that stood cohesive throughout the conflict in one body, to the diplomatic body of Syria worldwide who didn't see a single defection, on the contrary stood as one body with one voice against the conspiracy in spite of enormous pressures against them and enormous temptations that reached to offer a 3rd secretary staff in a European country who earns $800 a month an amount of $8 Million just to defect and he refused categorically. 

Congratulations to the allies of Syria who understood that their turn was next and stood behind Syria's struggle against the powers of evil, resulting in a new world order, not in the shape crazy US leaders wished for, but totally the opposite to their dreams: A balanced, New World Order. Congratulations to humanity and those who stand for peace and just in this world.

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