Monday, March 12, 2012

Bomb the USA

When will the world form a coalition to start and bomb and the USA? Here's some good reasons to do so using the same 'US Rhetoric':

1. USA the only country to use nuclear weapon wiping out hundreds of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2. USA with no justitfication invaded Afghanistan, an ill developed country and turned it into a premative country killing thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands.

3. USA with no justification invaded Iraq and killed well over a million civilian (prior to invasion over a 500,000 children were killed by sanctions when the 'price was worth it') and displaced over 4 million civilians internally and across the borders.

4. USA with no justification has imposed inhumane sanctions over Somalia causing the largest famine on this planet, human made famine.

5. USA with no justification invaded Vietnam and everybody knows the story.

6. USA maintains enormous arsenals of all kinds of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical... You name it) add whatever other known and unknown types, they have it, and use it, and make it available for their criminal allies.

7. USA killed large numbers of civilians in Yemen, Pakistan, Syria (2008), Bosnia.. using drones on 'suspected Al Qaeda' militias, keeping in mind that USA itself has created Al Qaeda.

8. USA kills systematically its own citizens using highly sophisticated military equipment like mentioned in point 7 and by starving them to death in own country, over 15.1% of USA-ians, that's 49 million, are under poverty line.

9. USA has a systematic torture policy against own citizens and foreign civilians signed by the US president then mad criminal George W Bush and carried out by his criminal adminstration namely mad dog Chenney the Dick and the Rumsfield freak.

10. USA conducts covert operations in most countries of the planet including its own allies.

11. USA supports the only racist country left on this planet, israel, used the veto at the UNSC over 60 times to protect it and last veto was last month, despite its ally's crimes against humanity that includes and not limited to: occupy others' land, displace communities, arbitrarily detains thousands of civilians of Palestinians including children and women, raids neighboring countries using US weapons, conducts the world's worst known ethnic cleansing against Palestinians..

12. the list never ends.

So when will the world form this coalition of the willing and starts bombs this pharia, parisite country called the USA using their own rhetoric? Watch:

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