Friday, February 10, 2012

To The TIME For Their New Cover Story

You are trying your best to demonize the Syrian govt to justify foreign intervention while terrorists supported by NATO are bragging with their crimes all over the net..

I'm afraid I have to break this sad news for you: in case you succeed in convincing your countries' masses & public opinion by fooling them time and again, from Afghanistan and the fictional story of cavemen who took down USA's twin towers & the 3rd that went down in solidarity bypassing all intel & forces, to the WMD's in Iraq not found till date (9 years & counting) to the Libyan leader (your close friend) decided after 40 years to kill 5,000 of his own civilians so you rushed to slaughter over 120,000 including him... And every time your masses are fooled because they're 'foolable', well I have to break the bad news for you: such lies don't find believers amongst our people and every time you come up with a new lie you make the people in the MENA hate you more and find salvation in their own leaders..

Now that you've targeted Syria with your stupid lies, this is where it get back at you, in the comparison of societies Syria is at least 7,000 years ahead of you in civilization and exactly how Syrians taught you how to write when they invented the alphabet 7,000 years ago, they'll teach you this time a very nasty lesson in intelligence, manners and punch you right straight in your bulldog face to reshape it and allow some humanity to enter to your brains through the holes we'll create.

Link to the TIME's tweet & sick attempt:

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