Friday, April 27, 2012

Nations Led By Criminals Are Doomed to Failure

It's appalling when a convicted criminal accuses others of crimes, it's more appalling when this same criminal can run away with his crimes while the criminal image is painted against the accused.

Just 2 days ago, the entire world relived the horrific moments over 1.5 million Armenian civilians lived before they were brutally massacred by the Ottoman empire during its last days, another 500,000 Syrians were massacred by the same criminal entity, Syrians commemorate this crime on the 6th of May every year in a day named the Martyrs Day, when the majority number of intellectuals were hanged by the Ottoman ruler of Damascus & Beirut in the year 1916.

Just 2 days after the remembrance of such a crimes which the criminal refuses to admit till date even after almost a century, the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu speaks before the Turkish parliament to defend the new Ottoman dream reviving in his sick mind and his government of an extremist fanatic party the AKP live for achieving. The Turkish government was carried away with its achievement in supporting NATO interference in some Arab countries to replace current regimes with NATO stooges and puppet regimes that serve their Zionist commands without any objection, the Turkish government's new Ottoman dream faced a thick and very firm wall when it reached Syria. In Syria, they saw their dream endangered and can sense if nothing major happens (a war) their dream is vanishing and the counter effect might cost them their entire political lives.

“A new Middle East is emerging and we will continue to lead this. Turkey will pioneer this order of peace. … The Turkish people of 74 million are [standing] next to the Syrian people and will continue to be so,” Davuto─člu said.

First, who appointed Turkey to lead a new Middle East? What type of a Middle East they want to lead where  their fanatic party, the Muslim Brotherhood, is branching in some Arab countries namely: Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, while plans for Algeria, Mauritania and Yemen were delayed for some time? A New Middle East that comes out of 'Creative Chaos' is a plan mentioned by the infamous US former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and now we know it was named: the Arab Spring

Then, didn't the Turkish foreign minister read the results of the latest Turkish parliamentary to see that he doesn't speak of the 74 million Turks, he could at least see the same venue where he was talking to see how many seats his party lost 15 seats to the Turkish opposition. And in case he was still blind, some opposition deputies interrupted him to remind him that he doesn't speak for the 74 million Turkish people.

Finally, which Syrian people he stands next to? The SNC created in Istanbul, Turkey mostly of exiled Syrian opposition figures including a majority of the same fanatic outlaw group the Muslim Brotherhood? Or those 200 Syrian opposition members mostly with dual citizenships occupying the sphere of western backed mainstream media? Obviously not the Syrian people who voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new Syrian constitution and who filled the Syrian squares rejecting foreign intervention in their internal affairs.

"The foreign minister also said Turkey had warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad even before the beginning of the Arab Spring to implement reforms, but Turkey began to openly criticize Assad only when he “began to turn cities to open air prisons, punished cities en masse and bombed mosques.”"

They openly launched an attack on Syrian president in midst of Hama events when the city was ran by Turkish sponsored terrorist group duped FSA, the umbrella which Al Qaeda and other fanatics take cover under it.. At that time this same minister Davutoglu visited Damascus and met with Syrian president, offered him to dismiss the Syrian govt and replace it with one that has over 50% of it from the outlaw other terrorist group: the Muslim Brotherhood - Syria branch (Ikhwan Muslimeen), which the Turkish govt party is their Turkish branch, and when the Syrian leadership refused this unexpected interference in their internal issues, Davutoglu left Damascus angry and the Turkish propaganda was unleashed along with western backed Zionist media, Hama was cleansed within 48 hours of that infamous visit and Erdogan went from a mad leader to a mad dog leading a great nation as he was seeing his dream of becoming an empire vanish before his eyes.. read what the FM says: "A new Middle East is emerging and we will continue to lead this. Turkey will pioneer this order of peace" who appointed them to lead the new Middle East? last time they led it they imposed ignorance and illiteracy on the region for over 400 years..

The Turkish FM then says: "The culprit is the Baath regime, which orders shooting at people who took to the streets with demands for freedom."

To understand why launching an attack by all NATO stooges on the Baath party when the Syrian leadership is formed by a coalition of parties called The Progressive Front that has more than 6 parties in it, while Turkish govt itself is ran by a single dominating party:

Baath party is the fierce enemy to the Ottoman Empire dream, it calls for the Unity of Arab Nations and Freedom of any colonization and to lead a Socialist state, its ideology is in its slogan: Unity, Freedom, Socialism (the socialist community in Syria is an upgrade of the Socialism that was in the Eastern bloc, it is based on a sharing of responsibilities between merchants, state and national societies in leading and managing the nation). All 3 principals are the foes of an new Ottoman dream. 

This cheap propaganda is laughable by the Syrian people as no one knows their community more than themselves and they have an ultra sensitivity towards foreign interference in their internal issues especially when it's coming from former occupiers such as France, or former and current occupiers as Turkey which till date occupies a very dear portion of Northern Syria: Kilikia including the Iskandaron Strip.

Turkey hosts armed terrorists duped Free Syrian Army, an umbrella of extremist Jihadist fighters from many Arab and non Arab countries including Al Qaeda, it created refugee camps weeks before any sign of a humanitarian crisis that requires any refugee camp across the borders, it finance, promotes and train terrorists then send them to Syria to fight, it even airlifted Libyan Al Qaeda terrorists to the Turkish Syrian borders, later on, the same Turkish government cries of a single incident that Syrian border guards were chasing some of those terrorists who crossed the borders without any Syrian soldier crossing the border line! Davutoglu government doesn't only cry, it threatens Syria as it was doing continuously since the open criticism mentioned above, and this time asks NATO to apply Article 5 to of their charter and tries to involve the entire coalition of criminal states in another bloody conflict, Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister said during an official visit to China on April 11“NATO has a responsibility to protect Turkish borders”, signalling that Turkey may officially ask NATO members to apply Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which says an attack on any member shall be considered an attack on all if the situation in Syria becomes a serious enough threat to Turkish national security.

The biggest hypocrisy of the Turkish FM comes in his words: "We support the valid demands of the Syrian people, regardless of their religion, sect and ethnicity".. now check again above what does the real Syrian people on the streets of Syria want, not the 200 opposition members abroad in Istanbul, Paris, London and Washington hotels wants.

“They may be stronger in space, but we are stronger on the ground. Still, we want to win on the ground and in space” These words by the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad on the day of the referendum of the new constitution explains it all. The 'space' he mentioned in Arabic means the virtual space they created in media and the 'ground' is reality of events inside Syria.

And as I always say: "They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're 'Foolable'".

You can read again my post: WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception to measure the level of deception you were subjected to.


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