Monday, December 31, 2018

US-Led Coalition in Syria and Iraq Slaughtered 1140 Civilians

We have reported a number of the massacres the US-led coalition committed against civilians in Syria, and the horrible toll of the victims, not many believed.

Now, the illegal coalition itself confessed in a statement that its forces have massacred at least 1,139 civilians in Syria and Iraq in its unauthorized operations since August 2014.

The USA and its cronies and a number of regional and international stooges created a coalition of destruction outside the United Nations, against the will of the United Nations Security Council, without coordinating with the targeted countries Syria and Iraq, and for the sole purpose of profiteering from weapons sales and extortion of... Continue reading:

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Syria’s First Family Visits Al-Souda Church in Tartous

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, Syria's First Lady Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad and their children Hafez, Zein and Kareem paid a visit to a small town in northwest Syria to greet its people on Christmas.

Yes, the town they visited, like most of Syria, is a mixed of all religions, the mosaic of Syria, and it's not out of custom for the Syrian president to greet all Syrians on their occasions.

The people were more than happy, their joy cannot be hidden in the videos taken there.

More in this video report: Syria’s First Family Visits Al-Souda Church in Tartous

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Syrian Electricity Army – The Unknown Soldiers

One of the main goals of the ‘War of Terror’ waged by the USA, its cronies, and stooges, against Syria is to destroy the country’s infrastructure to set the stage for looting it now and continue looting when timefor rebuilding the country. A main pillar of the infrastructure of any modern country is the Electricity Power sector.

Prior to the Syrian crisis, electric power was available to each house in the country 24/7 at the cheapest prices in the whole region. Thanks to the government subsidizing all essentials, which also sets an undesirable example to other countries with corrupt officials aiming to rob their own citizens.

Therefore, the country must be destroyed, and its electricity facilities from power generating stationsto the grid cables, to the smallest transformer in the last remote village must be destroyed after looting its equipment to the... Continue reading:

The U.A.E. First to Reopen its Embassy in Damascus

The U.A.E. ‘United Arab Emirates’ has officially reopened its embassy in Damascus, Syria on Thursday, December 27, 2018, after 7 years of strained diplomatic ties.

One of the work-horses working effortlessly behind the scenes to topple the Syrian state and at the same time maintaining the thin-line diplomacy with Syria, the U.A.E. now leads the Arab world in recognizing the Syrian people’s victory over the ‘War of Terror’ waged against them by over 130 countries.

Although the Syrian embassy in the U.A.E.’s capital Abu Dhabi and the Syrian General Consulate in its financial hub Dubai remained open throughout the crisis, it was mainly offering consular services, while the U.A.E.’s media was hell-bent on demonizing the Syrian state... Continue reading:

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Israel Bombs Damascus to Spoil First Terror-Free Christmas Celebration

At Christmas evening, Israel’s Netanyahu sent his warmest greetings to the Christian world by bombing the countryside and a munitions warehouse in Damascus.

Though Syrian air defenses intercepted several criminal missiles fired by criminal Israel (and criminally using Lebanese airspace), two Syrian Arab Army soldiers were wounded, and First Lieutenant Gabriel Ali Raya was murdered. He was martyred in his own country, defending it.

First Liuetenant Martyr Gabriel Ali Raya Israel bomb Damascus
First Lt. Gabriel Ali Raya, martyred by Israeli bombs in celebration of Christmas.
Terrorist Netanyahu needs to increase the beating of war drums, to divert attention from his government falling apart as ministers continue to resign. He is also under investigation for massive corruption. So, when Christian Zionists get excited over his fraudulent... Continue reading:

White Helmets: ‘Organ Traders, Terrorists, Looters’

he White Helmets fraud responders should have received massive MSM reporting this week, based on the seminar given by the Permanent Missions of the Russian Federation and Syrian Arab Republic, on Thursday 20 December. 

This informal meeting that offered massive evidence of the crimes of the CIA and UK intelligence funded gang was ignored by western reporters. WaPo tried to preempt it two days earlier, with a Helmets glorification and neo-McCarthyite witchhunt combination propaganda piece.

This British intelligence created ‘NGO’ has stolen the name from the real Syria Civil Defense, which is a founding member of the International... Continue reading:

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trump Tweets on Withdrawl from Syria & Mass Hysteria Ensues

Trump — the Real Donald — tweeted that the US has defeated ISIS in Syria. This was the “only reason for being there” since taking office. The tweet was posted at 0629 EST. Twelve hours later, it has elicited 25,000 comments, 18 million search engine results (mostly yellow journalistic reporting), and mass hysteria.

Twelve hours later, and Sarah Sanders’ White House Press Briefing is still not available online. A few journals and wire services have interviewed a few  anonymous “official sources,” and the story line is that “all [illegal] State Department personnel in Syria will be evacuated from the country within 24 hours” and [illegal] US ground troops will leave in 30 or 60 or 100 days — upon the completion of a mysterious “final operation against... Continue reading:

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Drone and Western Made Weapons Found in Daraa

Syrian security units discovered a new stash of weapons, munition and electronic devices left by terrorists in the farms near Daraa Balad.

In its intensified combing of large swaths of land cleaned from US-sponsored terrorists in the southern region of Syria, the security units continue to unearth large quantities and high-quality weapons, munitions, and advanced communication devices.

The recent finding includes PKC machine guns, military rifles, RPG grenade launchers with large quantities of its projectiles, local-made missiles, night vision goggles, satellite... Continue reading:

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Russian MoD Opens a Museum for Weapons Confiscated from Terrorists in Syria

Russian Ministry of Defense has built a museum displaying some of the weapons confiscated from terrorists during the combats in Syria.

Mr. Vladimir Putin, Russian President paid a visit to the museum and was over impressed at the findings.

Among the displayed items were armored vehicles, including a vehicle that was armored and supposed to be driven by an anti-Islamic Wahhbabi suicide bomber, very advanced satellite communication devices, machine guns, and... Continue reading:

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sudan President First Arab Leader to Visit Damascus Since 2011

Sudan President Omar Bashir might be a controversial leader among his own people and abroad, but he maintained a thin-line relation between his country and Syria throughout the current US-led ‘War of Terror’ on the Syrian people.

The Sudanese embassy remained open in Damascus, as well as the Syrian mission in Khartoum, a large Syrian community fled to Sudan seeking shelter from US-sponsored terrorist suicide bombing and indiscriminate shelling of neighborhoods.

The visit of the Sudanese president is no surprise, though he’s the first Arab head of state to officially and publicly visit the... Continue reading:

Terrorists Thank UN Benefactors by Bombing Aleppo, Hama

Terrorists thanked UN benefactors for passage of resolution to continue facilitating weapons transfers to them, by bombing Aleppo and Hama less than 72 hours later.

In the early morning of 16 December terrorists fired rockets into Aleppo City and two villages in Hama countryside. A rocket fired by takfiri in al Rashidin missed the Water Center in Halab al Jadida, in the western outskirts of Aleppo City. One person was injured and rushed to the hospital. There was material damage to public and private property.

Rashidin is where upwards of 130 civilians — mostly women and their kids — were slaughtered on 15 April 2017, after being released from captivity in a hostage for... Continue reading:

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Jaafari to UN: Syria Will Foil Schemes of Assassins of International Law

Syria ‘s Permanent Representative to the UN again gave lessons on diplomacy to the mass murdering clique running it, and to their terrified and obedient House Slaves.

On 13 December, the usual gang of demons using expensive clothing to masquerade as human beings, held yet another in the ongoing anti-Syria humanitarian meetings (this was number 58). Using Newspeak as the language of faux diplomacy, the killers who have created the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic named the savage fête the ‘UNSC Briefing on the Humanitarian Situation in Syria’.

The purpose of Thursday’s malignant gathering was to pass UNSCR 2249 (2018), extending the previous resolutions breaching  Syria’s national sovereignty to facilitate the transit of weapons and humanitarian goods to the remaining terrorists still occupying certain... Continue reading:

Friday, December 14, 2018

SAA Foils Terrorists Infiltrations and Attacks in Northern Hama Province

Hama Northern Countryside: Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units operating in the town of Taybat Imam foiled an infiltration and aggression attempt by a terrorist group from Nusra Front.

Turkey-sponsored terrorists continue breaching the Idlib Agreement by the guarantors of the hostilities cessation in the province, on daily bases, the below are just the four latest breaches of the agreement.

The terrorists were targeting the SAA outposts and the secured towns in northern Hama countryside, south of Idlib.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Syria Restarts its Great River Project in Hama

2.5 million people will benefit from the Second Hama Water project – Syria’s Great River – once completed and constant fresh drinking water will be supplied throughout the year.

The total cost of the project is 40 billion Syrian Liras (SYP), with today’s money value, it still requires an additional 4 billion Liras to complete. The project was postponed due to the ‘War of Terror’ waged by the US against the country.

Hama Second Water project will provide 4 times the current levels of fresh drinking water and will supply the cities of Homs and Hama in addition to 65 residential communities in the two... Continue reading:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Syrian Red Crescent Distributes 8800 Food Baskets in Tafas City

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent SARC has started distributing food baskets aid to the residents of the city of Tafas, Daraa northwestern Countryside south of Syria.

This help is needed by the residents returning to their homes in the areas cleaned from terrorists.

'37 trucks loaded with 8800 food baskets were delivered by the SARC teams in the city of Tafas and the distribution to the residents have already commenced’, SARC’s branch... Continue reading:

6000 Terrorists in US-Controlled al-Tanf

The United States of America illegally occupies an area of 55 square kilometers (21.2 square miles) in Al-Tanf Area, in Syria.

6000 terrorists thrive within the US-controlled border region southeast of Syria near Jordanian and Iraqi borders.

Russian Ministry of Defense stated the above known information, while the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held Washington responsible for the deplorable situation of the displaced Syrians in the Rukban concentration camp in the same area.
“The entire responsibility for the deplorable situation in the (Rukban refugee) camp rests with the United States which illegally occupies this region of the United Nations member state.”

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Russian ministry called on the United States to... Continue reading:

Monday, December 10, 2018

US FAA Extends Embargo on Damascus International Airport (DAM)

The regime of Donald Trump extended its flights embargo against Syria it imposed on August 29, 2017, prohibiting commercial flights to the Syrian capital Damascus.

FAA’s new rule titled: ‘Extension of the Prohibition Against Certain Flights in the Damascus Flight Information Region (FIR (OSTT) is published in the Federal Registrar of the USA on December 10, 2018.

The reason cited by the FAA, which was first published in December 2014 was ‘ongoing threat to U.S. civil aviation operating in the Damascus FIR’, it attributed the threat to ‘the presence of anti-aircraft weapons controlled by non-state actors, threats made by extremist groups, de-confliction concerns, and ongoing military fighting’.

Guess who armed the ‘non-state actors’ with anti-aircraft weapons? No other than the... Continue reading:

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Obama-Cum-Trump Regime ‘Coalition’ Bombs Hajin, Again

The Obama-cum-Trump Regime ‘International Coalition’ of war criminals has bombed Hajin, again. On Friday morning, another 8 Syrians were murdered, and dozens of homes were destroyed. As always, Trump’s ‘smart bombs’ kill civilians and avoid ISIS terrorists. We remind our readers that France’s Macron remains a staunch part of the murderous gang of Strangelove bombers.

MSM and faux independent media chide Trump for virtually everything except for his war crimes (faux left media is especially repulsive, preferring to bleat condemnation of Trump not praying instead of condemning the deification of yet another dead, war criminal politician). Omitting his war crimes would force them to mention that he has continued and accelerated that which was begun by.. . Continue reading:

Friday, December 7, 2018

Syria News: Let There Be Light & Reopening of Factories

Syria has some beautiful news. Despite the sadistic, draconian sanctions imposed by the west — as punishment for not capitulating to neo-colonialism — the Republic continues to rebuild, and to re-electrify.

On 4 December, Same al Debs, Head of Damascus Chamber of Industry announced that 710 factories in al Zablatani and 90 factories in Tal Kurdi returned to work. The ongoing rehabilitation is occurring in areas the Syrian Arab Army has liberated from terrorist occupation and... Continue reading:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Poisonous Chemical Projectiles Fired on Aleppo were Produced and Modified by French Experts

On November 25th, 2018, US-sponsored terrorists launched a chemical attack against a number of residential neighborhoods in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria. The attack caused 107 injuries among the residents.

A source in nearby Idlib Countryside told (Arabic) Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen that the poisonous projectiles fired at the residential neighborhoods in Aleppo were manufactured and modified by French experts and handed over to Nusra Front, Turkistan Party, and Hurras-ul Din (Guardians of the Religion) terrorists.

Al-Mayadeen source from Idlib countryside noted that the... Continue reading:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

SAA Eliminates a Terrorist Group in Hama’s Northern Countryside

A Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit confronted and eliminated a terrorist group in the northern countryside of the central city of Hama, Syria.

The terrorist unit was sneaking into Hama’s countryside from the southern Idlib countryside which is under Erdogan’s terrorist militia groups commanded by Nusra Front.

One 4 wheel drive vehicle carrying terrorists was spotted by the SAA unit coming from southern Idlib countryside through the road connecting Al-Habitt town (77 kilometers southwest of... Continue reading:

Turkey Ships More Drones to Idlib; Why Not Ship the UN There, Too?

Terrorist Turkey has shipped another 100 drones to takfiri savages occupying Idlib, Syria.

The degenerate plot involves the launching of more terrorist attacks on civilians and their families in the Syrian Arab Army, using chemical substances. On 25 November mortars and missiles likely containing chlorine were fired into four residential neighborhoods of Aleppo, with more than 100 persons injured.

Syrian Minister Walid Moallem immediately sent letters demanding a UN-OPCW investigation. OPCW patiently awaits the UN Department of Security to declare deployment “safe,” This will likely come once everyone is certain the chlorine has fully dissipated.

On this date, French experts modified 50 missiles for Jabhat al Nusra in Idlib, loading them with chlorine for the atrocities party.

This recent batch of 100 drones has been... Continue reading:

Monday, December 3, 2018

Syria’s budget for the year 2019 was passed by the Syrian Parliament after lengthy deliberations since early last month.

The new budget was set at 3.8 Trillion Syrian Liras (Pounds), around 8.8 Billion US Dollars, with operating budget reaching 2.7 trillion Syrian Liras and the balance of 1.1 trillion Syrian Liras for investing operations.

To understand the figures better and its relevance to the US dollar, one has to keep in mind that the living costs in Syria are among the lowest in the whole... Continue reading:

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Syrian Refugees Defy UN, EU Demands, Continue to Return Home

Syrian refugees are returning home in increasing numbers via the reopened Nassib Border Crossing with Jordan. According to the head of the Immigration and Passport Department, Mazen Ghandour, more than 1,400 Syrians have returned home during the past week. More than 4,200 have returned since the border reopened on 15 October.

SANA reports that “the return of safety and security” is via “the heroic sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army [which] encouraged the Syrians to return to their towns and... Continue reading:

Security Officers Discover Large Stash of Weapons & Munition South of Syria

Syrian security forces operating in the southern region of Syria discovered a large depot of weapons and munition hidden by terrorists.

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army, and its allies managed to clean the south and southwest regions of Syria from the US and Israeli sponsored Nusra Front and its affiliates last summer.

Last month the SAA declared the entirety of the Southern region clean from US-sponsored ISIS terrorists, the last terrorist group to be eliminated in the region.

Since then, the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian security forces working... Continue reading:

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Erdogan Fails Idlib Agreement, NATO’s Propagandists in Denial

During recent days, the terrorist gangs have escalated their crimes against our people. Though revealing those who remotely control them behind the scenes, from the West, the Western media of NATO countries are ignoring these attacks.

Just days ago, terrorists fired mortars into four Aleppo residential neighborhoods using chemical materials. The dumb and dear media ignored these attacks because they had to ignore the facts that these terrorists can only get chemical weapons from... Continue reading:


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