Friday, October 21, 2011

LA Times Blogs Again in Their Beirut Based Reporting & Our Reply

Of course when you report from Beirut you will only count 'Thousands' but if you watch the State media (TV, Newspapers, Official News Agency) and Addounia TV channel which all broad-casted live and took panoramic photos of the entire events you'll count them in about 1.4 million people, not 'Thousands', unless you want to say: 1,400 'Thousands' or as per your second paragraph you say: 140s of Tens of Thousands attending a pro govt rally in the Syrian second city Aleppo.

It's not a 'repeat of Damascus rally', it's a totally another rally with different participants where Aleppo is about 310 Kilometers (193 Miles) to the north of Damascus, and obviously you cannot carry the million plus Damascus rally participants to Aleppo city!! If you have a reasonable way to do so please inform us how we can apply it to moving cities populations in the face of potential natural disasters.

You are directly participating in the NATO war propaganda and its very clear for any follower of your 'blogs' and reports about Arab countries on the US Hit-list, this will only make you accomplice in crimes against citizens of these countries.

'Activists' are meant to be described by you and other Mainstream Media (the NATO countries' ones) as people with a humanitarian relief, aide, refuge or law assistance backgrounds, majors and activities, while these 'Activists' in regards of the Arab countries are much more of informants, agents and spies of different NATO countries' intelligent services reporting from cities in these countries about events overseas in countries on the NATO hit-list, appeared in big numbers out of nowhere, creating and building information based on personal interests or motivated interests rather than fact-finding initiatives.. If you claim to be a responsible news outlet then I demand you to make reports about these 'Activists' you base your reports on, I demand to see proofs of their education, background, activities, their offices, their methodology of collecting information, their practices in verifying these information, their scientific methods in documenting these information and most importantly: Their Source of Funding..!

Unless you can do so, reporting their information makes you accomplice in crimes against our people by participating in a war propaganda especially after the so many evidences of fake reporting and fake information you as well as all other NATO countries' news outlets have reported, like the infamous case of a 'Gay Girl in Damascus' who turned out to be a US Male Citizen reporting from UK; the infamous story of alleged arresting, killing and butchering of Zainab Al Hosny who appeared in flesh before Syrian TV after 10 days of your allegations; the infamous story of Syrian Navy alleged shelling the port city of Lattakia which never found any trace inside the city; the infamous alleged story of shelling the city of Hama by Syrian army tanks and leveling the Horani Hospital which proved totally false; the infamous alleged stories of Syrian army tanks shelling the cities of Daraa, Der Ezzor, Idleb and Bu Kamal all proved false; the infamous story of airborne shelling of the border town of Tal Kalakh using a video re-uploaded to YouTube of 2 officers in an army helicopter where the same video was taken over a year ago and uploaded to YouTube in a normal training mission that didn't involve a single bullet firing..!; the infamous allegations that the riots in Syria were all done by 'Peaceful Protesters' where the authorities are confiscating on daily basis caches of weapons from personal pistols to heavy machine guns to grenades to RPG's and even 4x4 cars equipped with anti-airplanes machine guns alike the ones used by the Libyan NATO supported rebels we see all over the news, and many stories uncovered daily by real and true Syrian Activists.

If you are a part of a NATO war campaign targeting countries on the US hit-list please ignore all my previous requests, if not, show us what you can do to prove your credibility.

Above reply and the article-blog can be found here:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Washington Post Outdoes itself Once Again and We Reply

Our comment on an article in Washington Post fabricating lies about the situation in Syria:

"I have some sad news for you, first of all, the so called doctors treating the wounded were discovered to be foreign doctors who speak broken Arabic and use tools that has nothing to do with stitching wounds rather excavation of organs.. I'll give you the video if someone is interested.

And as for clashes with 'defected' soldiers, from the first day of events security officers reported armed gangs from Dara to Baniyas to Tal Kalakh, before even the army knew what's going on, and since then mainstream media like your own ignored and ridiculed this info stating they were 'Peaceful Protesters' and we from then ridiculed your medium whenever you mentioned that phrase, ie 'Peaceful Protesters' because such Peaceful Protesters don't torch govt buildings and don't shoot at police officers.

The pretext of 'Freedom Fighters' was supposed to be introduced when the massacre of Jisr Al Shougur happened and their base was supposed to be sponsored by Turkey inside Syrian territories and failed, so don't sell us the BS of army defectors now after 8 months of riots all over the country and only 3 officers defected without their units and about 6 or 7 soldiers runaways.. That's not a defection, if you insist on calling it so, you better learn Journalism and then specialize in war reporting.

And like it or not, as a Syrian like me I totally support the govt decision of banning foreign media, like yours, from entering Syria because only by this they're able to save the truth from being twisted, we saw how unbiased and credible you were in reporting Libya events, especially the infamous story of the capture of Gaddafi sons and the killing of others.

Either you report credible and confirmed news or refrain from reporting at all instead of reporting lies or creating news.. I suggest you give some attention to your own people lacking 'Democracy' under a 'Republic' rule where 2 parties only control the lives and destinies of 320 Million US citizens.. Cover Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations with half of your time and effort and your Obama's Administration will collapse in 2 days."

  • The link to the video proof of organ trafficking in the 'field hospitals' set up by terrorists in Homs, Syria, and just an added info: Turkey and israel are the leading countries in trafficking organs in the entire world: GRAPHIC

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Reporter Somehow Managed to Get Syria's Name inserted in the Alleged Iranian Plot

A strange trend taking place with some 'journalists' since the invention of so called 'Activists', now a street vendor can be interviewed to get his views on countries' relations and to weigh in on bigger issues.

Yesterday and out of their old books, US regime smartest officials came to the public with an allegation that Iran has plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington using a second hand car dealer, fake check and a Mexican drug cartel gangsters, most analysts found it difficult to digest, some labeled it a 'Hollywood Thriller', and some even described it as a 'police story'.. However, some built on it just to get Syria's name in the story no matter how, and here's what we replied to one of their vuvuzelas: 

Honestly, I don't see how such a reporter gets to write for The Washington Post let alone FP!

A vendor on the streets doesn't give a proper analyses or credible comments on an issue at a level of countries relations, maximum can be quoted telling a story he witnessed himself, unless the journalist who wrote this piece didn't get any analyst to comment on the issue for her.. Same dull practice she uses to twist facts coming from Syria to fit in the Libya scenario, ie oppressing regime against peaceful protestersdemanding basic needs as food & health.. BS.

US officials are finding it very difficult to convince themselves with the alleged plot! Even if we assume there's some reality in the 'plot', what would Iran benefit or achieve in case the 'plot' succeeds?! Wouldn't it be more realistic if US officials claimed the target would be the Israeli ambassador or a high level attaché at the Israeli embassy or a prominent AIPAC member if we take the story that it was in retaliation to the killings of Iranian nuclear scientists?!

Long gone the strategists planning foreign policies of the USA & long gone the diplomats carrying it out, now all there are blind, arrogant, racist, neo-conservatives who are the same people behind making a fool of former secretary of state Collin Powell at the UNSC showing 'evidence' of WMDs in Iraq just to justify wars serving the ultimate goal of Zionism in the Middle East.

Wake up Americans, they're using your money to destroy you & others in your name while in the meantime they strip you of your basics one after another; ask NY governor about the new tax ammendment that will prevent the govt from placing taxes on mega fortunes depriving the treasury from $5 billion a year of returns supposed to be covered by the poor to maintain the sh*tty living standards they have now or facing cuts even in that!

Our above comment appeared here:

Monday, October 3, 2011

الربيع العربي والشتاء السوري


تقرير موثق لصحفية تركية تكشف من خلاله من يقف وراء "الثورات العربية" وأين تدرب قادتها ومن هم الممولون لها ومن شارك بالدعم اللوجستي والتسليح والتخطيط والتغطية الإعلامية ووو.... ولا زال البعض يقولون أنها حراك شعبي خالص!

قد يكون لدى الشعوب العربية مطالب إصلاحية أكثر من غيرهم بكثير، ولكن هذه المطالب لا تبرر بأي شكل من الأشكال التعامل مع الشيطان لتدمير البلد وبالنهاية لن تحصل هذه الشعوب على مبتغاها.. لقد بدأ الحراك ووصلت الرسالة وبقي أن ننتظر ونرى:

الجزء الأول: الربيع العربي والشتاء السوري:

الجزء الثاني: الربيع العربي والشتاء السوري:

الجزء الثالث: الربيع العربي والشتاء السوري:

الجزء الرابع: الربيع العربي والشتاء السوري:

تقسيم المقسم وتجزئة المجزأ فلا يكفي أن يكون هناك 24 دولة عربية لأن هذا لن يزيد من فعالية أصواتهم في المحافل الدولية حتى ولو كانوا على قلب رجل واحد فهم: "كثر كغثاء السيل" وإنما المطلوب أن يكونوا ضعف هذا الرقم على الأقل وتكون دولهم مبنية على أعراق أو مذاهب تتقاتل فيما بينها على أمجاد سليبة وأحقاد دفينة عمرها آلاف السنين، شهد هذا العام تقسيم السودان أكبر بلد عربي مساحة وأغنى بلد عربي بالمياه والأراضي الزراعية إلى دولتين واحدة عربية فقيرة وواحدة لها نزعة غربية غنية بالموارد، ولن يكفي هذا فالسودان عرضة للتقسيم أكثر فما زال هناك دارفور للتركيز عليه.. اليمن يتخبط واحتمال إعادة تقسيمه ليمنين أو أكثر باتت واردة جداً بعد أن حارب اليمنيون لتحقيق الوحدة.. ليبيا التي تم دكها بغارات لحلف شمال الأطلسي بحجة حماية المدنيين ثم قتلوا حسب إحصاءاتهم هم أكثر من 50 ألفاً من مدنيي ليبيا عرضة للتقسيم لثلاث دول على أقل تقدير خاصة أن الحرب لا زالت دائرة في معظم أرجاء ليبيا وعدم اتفاق الخليط الحاكم هناك المكون من ليبراليين مثقفين غربياً وأصوليين مثقفين ثقافة القاعدة والأخونجية.. وأكبر مثال عربي على مشروع التقسيم هو العراق، الذي كان يوماً من أغنى البلاد العربية بالموارد الاقتصادية وبالنفط طبعاً وجيشه رابع أقوى جيش بالعالم ليتحول حالياً إلى ثلاث دول فعلية مبنية على أسس طائفية وعرقية: أكراد في الشمال، سنة في الوسط وشيعة في الجنوب..

الدول العربية الأخرى التي عمل الغرب على تقسيمها على مدى عقود طويلة وفشل ولكنهم لم ييأسوا: لبنان، نظراً لتنوع طوائف أبناؤه تم تركيب الحياة السياسية في البلد العربي الصغير برعاية عربية وبناءً على تقسيم طائفي بغيض وهناك العديد ممن يريدون التفرد بحكم طائفتهم في كانتونات صغيرة من خلال إثارة النزعات الطائفية ضد الباقين.

سورية عقدة العقد في المشروع الغربي المدعو: الشرق الأوسط الكبير والذي قدمه للمرة الأولى للعلن جورج بوش الأب بعد غزو الكويت.. يعمل الغرب جاهداً ودون توقف على محاولات مضنية لتقسيم سورية، وتم تقديم عدة مقترحات أولاها كانت طرح من خبير استراتيجي اسرائيلي في العام 1982 بعد اجتياح لبنان عندما ظن الإسرائيليون أن شيئاً لن يقف بوجههم بعد ذلك الاجتياح.. الطرح أن تقسم سورية إلى 4 دول طائفية دينية على الأقل: دولة في الشمال الشرقي كردية، دولة ساحلية علوية، دولة سنية في الوسط، ودولة درزية في الجنوب على حدود فلسطين المحتلة.. بدأت الفكرة في العالم 1982 ثم أخذت زخماً كبيراً في العام 2003 بعد اجتياح الولايات المتحدة للعراق، ثم بدأ الحراك الفعلي على الأرض في العام 2004 في الجزيرة السورية من خلال تحرك بعض المجموعات الكردية للمطالبة بالانفصال عن سورية والانضمام لدولة كردستان وتحقيق الحلم الكردي بعكس حتى تمنيات القائد الكردي الكبير صلاح الدين الأيوبي الذي عمل على توحيد الدول العربية وحرر القدس من الصليبيين، ولكن الذاكرة العربية ضعيفة جداً. محاولات عديدة جرت في العام 2005 بعد اغتيال الحريري واتهام سورية ثم انسحاب القوت السورية من لبنان لضرب وزعزعة الأمن والاقتصاد السوري، ولا ننسى قبل ذلك قانون محاسبة سورية في الولايات المتحدة في العام 2004، ثم الهجمة المركزة الأخيرة تحت عنوان الربيع العربي.

من الدول العربية المستهدفة أيضاً: الجزائر، المغرب، السعودية ثم تصبح عملية التقسيم أسهل بكثير لمضاعفة العدد بشكل متوالية هندسية.

حراك شعبي للمطالبة بمطالب معيشية وإصلاحية، لا بأس، وصلت الفكرة، انتظروا لنرى تطبيق الاصلاحات بدلاً من الطلب من الأعداء ضرب بلادنا ولن تصلوا عندها لا لإصلاحات ولا لمعيشة كريمة..

يجب أيضاً تذكير الشعب التركي أن مساهمة دولتهم في هذا المشروع لن يقيهم من التقسيم، فهم على خارطة التقسيم كما غيرهم.


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