Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Comments on a Reply on an Article by FP re Robert Ford

The lying Syrian b*st*ards as you put it are the host country of the b*st*ard American Ambassador, who gets his nose in internal issues of the host country in contradiction to the Geneva Convention governing the relation between the host and embassies. 

The nosy b*st*ard ambassador is very lucky that he was only wrapped with a photo, while the NATO secretary was painted with ink all over, at least Syrians are much more friendly than westerns especially when they are hosting someone and even if that someone is as a b*st*ard as RF.

Do you know what are the nicknames of RF in the hosting country Syria? Take these:
* Delivery Boy: Since his visit to Hama was proved to be to deliver high tech communication devices that avoid the official network in addition to large sums of monies in US Dollars as well as Syrian Pounds which most of it was counterfeit.

* Prince of Jihad: During his infamous visit to Hama RF met Al Qaeda associates whom were smuggled from nearby Lebanon & Iraq & gave them the plan for further days.

* Pit Bull: Despite a restrain imposed on RF not to travel more than 25Kms without pre-approval from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the b*st*ard ambassador went over 60kms to a city close to Jordanian borders to instigate terrorists & local smugglers to start riots against the govt & security.

That is the b*st*ard ambassador no country on Earth would like to have, yet, the Syrian govt still didn't expel him keeping the last line with the American Administration although many analysts think the Syrian govt is using RF as a bait, wherever he goes the govt was able to arrest foreign terrorists and confiscate heavy & medium weapons not used by Syrian troops along with communication devices. Such acts put your b*st*ard ambassador as a SPY.

Link to the article & our comment:

PS. We unwillingly used the term 'b*st*ard' not by our will, but to keep our comment in line with the reply someone wrote.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Comments on an Article by The National of UAE Denying the Existence of Armed Groups in Syria

And which story do you believe? Do you still believe that Syrian regime's claims that it's facing armed elements is unfounded like your article is indicating? Maybe you need to update your news that they have already confessed themselves the existence of armed groups, Turkey confessed the same, US confessed the same, only you still doubt?!

4 years prison for 2 guys for a status update on facebook calling for a protest that never happened and nobody was hurt in UK; how would it react if over 500 of its armed forces and security personnel were ambushed, attacked with machine guns and even RPGs? By the way very disturbing footage were distributed of heinous crimes of these groups, only the blind will deny it.

Link to the article and our comment if it's approved by the moderator:

Our Comments on an Article in The Atlantic by Fictional Michael Weiss

Another account of a 'Gay Girl in Damascus', lousy try though. 

Regime will rape his sister, stray cats painted, helium balloons flew with anti-regime messages, red water in roundabouts?! Nice fantasies, but can you remind us where exactly those happened?
I mean you are talking about Damascus that is in Syria? Correct?

Show us one photo of any of that please..

As for the "savage attack on celebrated Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat by regime security officials" How did you come to the conclusion that it was regime security officials who attacked him? Just one line after you say "masked men assaulted him up in his own car, then forced him into an SUV, beat him again" So you knew it was regime security officials because he is a critic, well just an update, he's been a critic for the past 8 years and lives inside Syria and nobody ever attacked him despite all his criticism, and when Saddam Hussein of Iraq as you claimed, he was living safely in Syria itself. One more info you don't know that the Syrian president Assad himself has sponsored his work before and allowed him to launch a magazine before he had legal problems with his partner & even businessmen he accused of doing wrong in his paper.

It's a NATO led propaganda exactly like the one carried in Libya by Mainstream Media, NATO Rebels and lately discovered NATO forces on ground! Check this: 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Comments on an Article by the Independent Offering Help to Other Countries by a NATO Rebel

Funny, but sadly funny, since when Al Qaeda NATO contractors are worried about protecting civilians in their own countries let alone wanting to aid others? How? By protecting them for 6 months like you did in Libya?

Syria is different in a million plus ways than any other country even worldwide not only other Arab countries, examples: 

You can think of a country that has sects of each minority who lived on this planet. 

Think of a country that its economy didn't collapse after 30 years of American siege & sanctions, while American economy itself collapsed twice already in 2008 & last week.

A country that is portrayed in the Mainstream Media as having a civil war for 5.5 months already and yet not a single defection in the Army or Diplomats body or at least a cleaner in a ministry! Does this tell you anything? All you see and hear from MSMs are lies just like the Iraq's WMDs, the capture of Gaddafi's son, killing of other sons.. etc.

A country that has direct enormous effects on all surrounding countries and has influence in each.

A country that can shell 9,000 medium range rockets every 12 minutes until its arsenal of 6 million is over. Rockets with a 700 Klm range.

Syria is the only place in the middle east that all sects practice their religions freely and under the protection of the government, something that is not available even in France and some European countries banning Burqa; USA that has lobbies trying to prevent a mosque from being built in NY; the police state of United Queendom (UK but since there's no king) that monitors each minority sect..

NATO has all rights to double think and even count to 10 before thinking of sending its first bullet into Syria. While plotting, which is something else and Syrians are used to is dealt with in a very smart and effective way, it usually backlashes on countries that plot against Syria in multiple times.. You want more about Syria? Ask me, for the meantime I'll confirm to you that this plot is over.

Our Comments On an Article by Huffington Post re Russian Draft Resolution on Syria

Russia, China, India, South Africa & Brasil so far endorse this resolution, and these countries they are the future of the world's wealth with more than half of world's population and not the countries with ailing economies USA & United Queendom (UK, but since it doesn't have a king) and their clan.

Durgham, the writer of this article has a personal problem in regards with Syria, check all her previous posts and you can see a biased aggressive tone when it comes to Syria.

The rest of the world sees only what Mainstream Medias show, but that doesn't mean what those channels show is the reality, for instance, today the two major Arabic speaking mainstream channels: Aljazeera & Al Arabiya reported mass demonstrations in the capitol city Damascus and even specified the city's largest 2 roundabouts, and at the same time the Syrian state tv channel and another independent channel 'Addounia' live streamed from both squares with nil protesters and normal life, even they were conducting interviews with people passing by in cars and on foot who were astonished to such lies.. After 3 hours of continuous lying Al Jazeera & Arabiya confessed that they were only reporting what armed opposition figures were feeding them! 

That's what you see from MSMs, same goes when all MSMs reported the arrest of Saif Ul Isalm Gaddafi, killing of Gaddafi's other sons to be refuted by the Gaddafi's themselves. 

NATO Psycho war.

UN Security Council's main and sole role is to preserve Peace & Security on this planet and not to destruct peace and destabilize security, and that's what the Russian envoy is reminding the council of.

Link to the article and our comments on it in case it's approved by moderator:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Comments On an Article by The Economist re Assad Interview

I like this piece, sounds like it's written by an old style Soviet trained journalist who suddenly learned the approach of TIME magazine of making news fun to read.

No, the crises is not funny, and the article is of no value. Assad came thru inherited presidency, true, just like George W Bush, and all the other leaders in this part of the world, here it's more tribal than politicaly polarized communities; we had vibrant political society in the post colonialism era but it was one of gge most unstable coup-labeled period of Syria's history.

Can you prove the number of civilians death of over 2000? Share with us your verifiable source. Did you bother to mention 600 security and army personnel killed? No, why should you? It doesn't serve the purpose, but it's a fact you can't deny. Soldiers don't get killed being chanted peacefully at calling freedom. Let's apply Cameron's policy here: ask for a riot on Facebook that never happened and get 4 years in jail; what would you get if you kill a police officer during a protest? Figure it out yourself & don't share it, we know what we are dealing with.

Muslim Brotherhood is the core, the hand and the brains of this crises and they proved it to us through their disgraceful contribution in each conference the opposition held outside Syria, they themselves confessed the level of their contribution in inciting hatred among sects and ethnic groups inside the society, smuggling weapons, money, drugs and even high tech communication devices to be used against the govt. Syrians forgive but they definitely do not forget, 1978-1982 an era dominated by heinous crimes committed by the criminal organization called the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, from blowing up cars, to assassinating scientists to attacking remote police stations and mutilating bodies of the officers they kill in one of their ugliest practices. Just when the Syrian people were about to forgive them and even president Assad issued 2 presidential pardon decrees that included them, they are doing what they do best now and reminding us of their nature. Cracking such groups down is the least what any govt can do, and Assad govt is not doing enough of it YET.

Once new parties are formed since as you mentioned the committee that will look into the legal issues relating to the formation of these parties is already declared then in the Feb, 2012 parliament elections let the majority change whatever articles they disagree with in the constitution or rewrite a new one from scratch, let them then call the president to step aside, they will be representing the Syrian people and will be talking in their names, not Obama the leader of America off the cliff, not Cameron the London dictator, not Sarkozy the guy famous of crushing Paris suburbs a couple of years ago, not anybody else but the Syrian people.

Link to the article & our comments:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Comments on an Economist Article re Turkish Interference in Syria

Turkish leaders made a terrible mistake in addressing their Syrian counterparts, it's worth noting the following: * Syria was the gate for Turkey to enter its normal geopolitical sphere after being prevented entry to the Christian club the EU. * Through Syria only Turkey was able to forge multiple treaties with different countries in spite of its bad Ottoman history in the region. * Syria was the one to bite on its wounds in order to enhance the relations keeping in mind Iskandaron occupied by Turkey, Atatork damn which reduced water flow to Syria & Iraq, the evil past of Ottomans in Syria, the Ottomans massacre of Armenians who forms a considerable portion of Syria, Syria's role in mending relations between Turkey & Iran & Armenia. *Turkey erected refugee camps and tents in a clear sign of encouraging Syrians to dissent and its extremely bad treatment of who took refuge there & the way Turks abused them in media. * Proven Turkish role in financing, training, arming & facilitating salafist rebels against Syrian govt forces. * Turkey with its bloodiest heinous crackdown on Kurds doesn't put it in a position to give advices to others how to handle unrest..

For all of the above, the Syrian leadership is furious about Turkish way of conducting their side of relations but yet keeps a corridor open for Turkey to fix the relations. Not a single info of crimes alledgely committed by Syrian Govt is proved and till now it's all circulated by opposition figures abroad!!

Link to the article & our comments:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Comments on a Report by Liz Sly of Washington Post re SyriaM

Sorry reporter, but can you prove a single info of above? I have friends in Midan, South of Damascus (not central) who reported that nobody came out yesterday (Friday) after noon prayers or till today morning & they spent the evening in a packed restaurant in the same suburb.

Don't you find it a bit odd that there'se no proof to allegations of Muslim Brotherhood criminal opposition figures living in London for such protests, or fire opening?

If you want to claim that you need to depend on one side for information, and that one side is a collection of few fugitives wanted for crimes they committed in their own country then that's extremely pathetic & unprofessional, not being able to report from inside the country doesn't give you excuse to spread unverifiable information in a repetition to the pre Iraqi invasion scenario of WMDs that they are still looking for after 8 years of destroying the country, killing a million of its people, displacing over 3 million & sending the country decades back in the past. Learn from your previous experiences.

The link to our comment:

The Article:

We replied to a reader (user ID Greenland2) directly who apparently is moved by reports of mainstream media coverage of the events of Syria, we tried to give him/ her a lead to analyze:

Greenlands, what do you know about what's happening in Syria? Watching some mainstream media doesn't make you abreast with the situation on ground especially when your MSMs are not reporting from inside the country.. Can you just sit, forget what you see, remember when we saw trucks moving across Iraq loaded with WMDs?, forget what you see for a minute and analyze: a country pictured in MSMs that it's under civil war, over 2,000 peaceful protesters were killed by the regime and '000 protesting daily, yet after 5 months not a single official, diplomat, army officer, a local municipal mayor DEFECTS?! who knows more? You sitting abroad watching mainstream media channel that don't attract viewers if they don't show blood or the Syrian people?

If you think they are afraid then read the article again, written from Beirut, Lebanon, not Syria, the helpless peaceful protesters broke the fear barrier & the powerful officials, even who is living abroad like diplomats still fear?! Wake up for God sake, did you see Obama kick the door after the conference? Do you know how to use digital software to clone and multiply crowds? How about the shaky footages broadcasted? Can't you manipulate it? How many reports from Syria were proved not in Syria? Ask Reuters how many videos they had to retract keeping in mind that Reuters reporter on Syria is a Jordaniam living in Amman!

Who knows better? You, or the Syrian people?

The reply on the same comment page
ps. if any typos please ignore, it's written by iPhone which auto corrects with its own way!

Our Reply to Wolf Blitzer of CNN on His Expectations

I was expecting a more in depth analysis when followed the link from twitter taking in consideration your vast experience in the geopolitics & your close observations from senior politicians in the USA, but take my advice: ask the man not his wife about their encounter with the Syrian leadership and the way events lead in this area of the world, the Clintons I mean.
Syria been under worse than this when it was much powerless than now and it passed it successfully while its enemies suffered losses, a saying of late president Hafez Assad gives you a clear indication how policy is planned in Syria: "We might lose and die, but when we die and fall our bodies will fall on the dead bodies of our enemies". Syria might lose a million of its people per an israeli military & strategic expert, but is israel able to lose a million of its people?"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Comments on Fox News Article Talking about Obama's Request to President Assad to Step Down

For God sake, just take a look at the photos in the article above and tell us who has criminal looks?! Just to start with..

On what basis does a president of one country calls on a president of another country to step down? And please nobody says humanitarian because we've seen how humanitarian were the cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia (Famine also) just to mention a few.

It's a matter of protecting the Zionist israel and nothing else when it comes to Syria, as the country is not one of those oil rich states like Iraq or Libya, and the plan if we just 'google' it is to break the country in 4 smaller states based on sects to keep them fighting between each other. Ridiculous. Who put this plan know nothing about history, this area repelled all foreign interventions since the Romans BC. Besides, it's proven over history that as much as you try to harm Syria, you suffer more, want examples? here you go:

In 2009, Cyprus went to international waters to hijack a ship carrying ammunition to the Syrian army imported from Iran, Cyprus said then it was executing a UN embargo on exports of weapons from Iran, what happened later? after 2 years the same shipment got fire out of heat and an enormous explosion rocked the half island country destroying the navy base where it was held, killing high commanders in Navy, the govt resigned, the only power station destroyed with damages exceeding Euros 2 Billion, with fresh water supplies cut as well as electricity...etc.

In 1983 USA Great Reagan insisted on aiding israel in invading Lebanon to push Syrian troops out, 241 Marines killed in a single day!

USA kept increasing sanctions on Syria recently and increasing sanctions almost daily, the result? Syria doesn't deal with USA for over 3 decades, in-between trade is about 3% of Syrian foreign trade, Syria uses Euro to peg its currency and not the US Dollar, Syria doesn't hold a single asset in USA except an account for the salaries of its Embassy employees which of course would be excluded, essentially, Syrian Airways don't fly to America and do not cross over it, simply Syria loses nothing; on the other hand: USA economy keeps deteriorating, and the administration instead of finding ways to revive the economy by increasing bilateral trades with foreign countries, it sanctions an important potential country which is Syria, USA increasing debt ceiling to new heights while cutting expenses on the welfare of its people where Syria barely have any debt, around $10 Billion in long terms easy repayments near to nil interest! Syria doesn't import food, it exports it, it exports electricity to almost all its neighbors, who loses?

Popularity of the American president at ever lowest rate around 38% at its best, the involvement of the US Administration proved in the events and chaos in Syria raised the popularity of the Syrian president among his people, because Syrians dislike the USA for its unlimited support to israel, so whatever the USA does is seen as ugly in Syria, any party or individual supported by the USA is considered a traitor in Syria for the same reason (israel in addition to all of its continuous atrocities against Palestinians, it occupies the Syrian Golan Heights).

The US president and his chorus has only served the Syrian Assad good by asking him to step down, so for once learn a lesson and mind your own business. Mr. Obama, your citizens deserve at least half the time you spend on securing israel.

"Of course our comments above come in line with the majority of comments on Fox News, for a surprise, but the USA Citizens can't take it any more"

Link to the article and our comments on Fox News: 

Our Comments on NY Times Article in Regards with Obama & Allies Calling on Assad to Step Down

On which basis does the US & allies ask a president of another country to step down? Humanitarian? What a joke, don't let me start with Iraq & Afghanistan humanitarian missions..

If it worked with them before with two presidents that doesn't mean it will work with every other president they don't like, everybody knows that Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia were part of the American system in the Middle East, while Assad of Syria is not, he's even on the other side.

Besides, all accounts of human rights violations the government of Syria is accused of committing are unproved, doubted and comes from unknown activists representing the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, if the USA doesn't label it thus, the entire Arab world does, it's not only what the USA Administration labels is correct, it labels israel as a democracy while more than 6 million Palestinians live without basic rights, over 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaze under siege just because they elected their govt democratically, and now they suffer a vicious barbarian aggression which didn't stop whole night long because a couple of israeli soldiers were killed by an armed group as claimed in Eilat, on the other side of the Negev desert in israel, far away from Gaza!! Why not they were attacked by defectors of israeli army whom refused to kill Beduin Palestinians in cold blood? makes more sense.

Instead of trying to police the world, I suggest the leaders of US and allies give some of their precious time to their internal economic crisis that's growing daily and effects the entire universe, that's what their citizens elected them for, not to interfere in other countries internal affairs on the account of their own citizens' welfare and prosperity. 

The link to the article and our comments if it's approved by the moderator:

Our Comment on a WND Article Obama to ask Syria leader to step down

Obama still thinks he's the leader of the super power that carries the role of world policeman, distributing legitimacy among world's leaders for committing crimes only USA can evaluate. Wake up Obama, your country is on the brink of collapsing, your super power lost each and every battle it fought after WWII, which it didn't fight alone, after 11 years in Afghanistan, the country is ore hostile to ISA & deadly attacks daily on your troops, 31 Navy Seals & 27 Marines in just one week, after 8 years in Iraq in which you and your former sacrificed US troops and over a million Iraqi killed and millions displaced, it's Iran who has influence there and not USA, after 5 months from a 'Civilian Protection' campaign in Libya your mission became a 'Civilian Slaughter' campaign, after decades of meddling in Lebanon it's Hezbollah who is in power now not your puppet agents, after decades of besieging Somalia you are in charge of the history's worst famine in the horn of Africa. US Tax Payers and citizens didn't elect you to continue what the world's worst criminal at large George W Bush did, they elected you because they believed you will make a change, remember: Change, Yes We Can? Well let me tell you Mr. Obama, it's now proven that Change, No You Can't. Stop interfering in others' internal issues that your CIA creates and try to focus a bit on the welfare of your own people. By the way, just as a reminder, ask each former president or living advisors of the USA which country humiliated them all and they'll all tell you it's Syria: Nikson, Carter, Reagan, George Bush Senior, Clinton, and George Bush the criminal, all of them had an encounter with Syria, each one had a lesson in diplomacy, history, people's rights, covert operations, and even in direct combat like the case of Reagan who suffered the largest losts ever in the American wars history: 241 Marines in 1 day in 1983 in Beirut.
Above comment was posted on this article by WND: Obama to ask Syria leader to step down

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Reply to a Silly Report from Latakia, Syria by BBC

In a comment we sent the BBC for their silly report (link below) we wrote: 

Can you please explain how did 'Alexander Page' the so called activists claiming to be talking from Damascus count the killed of 30 in the video and 27 in your article despite the long distance between Damascus & Latakia? Adding that he says: Communications are cut?

I have friends in Latakia giving a totally different count of events speaking in their real names and not pseudonymous.

What does the video show above? A coast and in another clip an army troops truck carrier? So much of bombarding..

Don't you have an editor who actually review these news before posting it? Don't you care for your credibility? You think even if you conquer in this media game, people will still believe you after? Take this as a warning: Syrians are not some cave people or living in tents in the old age, this is back-firing on you and other MSMs like Aja & Arabiya. In case you want to pass a lie, try to look for one which could be believed.

The BBC Report and our comment in case they post it:

ردنا على مقالة الصحافي هشام ملحم الخيالية في جريدة القبس الكويتية

زوارق حربية تقصف اللاذقية والدبابات تقتحم منطقة الصليبة المكتظة بالسكان وتقتل العشرات، لم نستطع أن نتأكد من عدد القتلى ولكننا نؤكد مقتل 25 شخصاً في حي الرمل؟!

هل هذا خبر أم رواية؟ لأنه إن كان خبر فسيكون له دليل يوثقه أما إن كان رواية فهو لا يستأهل أن يكون على جريدة القبس مع غياب أخبار الإجرام الإسرائيلي بحق الفلسطينيين في غزة والضفة.

أين دليلك يا سيد هشام ملحم، الصحفي المخضرم، عن قصف الزوارق الحربية للاذقية؟ مشاهدة زورق في عرض البحر لا يعني أن الزورق قصف أو يقصف، أم ما رأيك بأن الأسطول الخامس الأمريكي يقصف كافة مدن الخليج العربي؟ لأننا كيفما نظرنا نرى بوارج حربية في البحر؟ هل يستقيم هذا يا سيد العارفين بشؤون الصحافة؟

أما أن تنقل معلوماتك عن "المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان" فهو امتهان لذكاء قارئي واحدة من أعرق جرائد الخليج العربي ومنابرها، لماذا لا تقوم بزيارة ميدانية لمكاتب منظمة حقوقية تدعى "المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان"؟ أم أنك تعرف كما الكثيرين أنها كما سواها من منظمات حقوق الانسان السوري التي ظهرت بالعشرات فجأة ليست إلا أكشاك لا يعمل فيها سوى شخص واحد أو رجل وزوجته في أحسن الأحوال من المنبوذين من الشعب السوري والهاربين من العدالة؟ ما هي مصادر المرصد وغيرهم؟ هل استطاعوا أن يقدموا دليلاً واحداً على أي من ادعاءاتهم؟ 

دائماً تستعطفون الشعوب العربية بذكر عشرات الضحايا من الأطفال والنساء، فأين جنازاتهم؟ أين جنازات المئات ممن بكيتموهم على الجزيرة وأخواتها؟ أين آثار القصف العشوائي في درعا، حمص، حماه، جسر الشغور، دير الزور، البوكمال، ادلب، معرة النعمان، بانياس، وتلكلخ؟ لماذا بعد أن دخل الجيش ودخل الإعلام لم نرَ أي آثار لقصف أو تدمير سوى تدمير المراكز الأمنية وأقسام الشرطة؟ فما بالكم بالقصف العشوائي؟ 

أين مليون ومائتا ألف متظاهر في حماه ودير الزور قبل أسبوع واحد من المواطنين السلميين المطالبين بالديمقراطية؟ هل تستطيع شرح كيف يستطيع صناديد السلميين صد دبابات الجيش السوري التي تقصف عشوائياً بقنابل لا تراها إلا بعض الفضائيات ولا أثر لها على الأرض، كيف يستطيع هؤلاء الصناديد صد الدبابات ثم لا يستطيعون القيام بمظاهرة ولو من ألف شخص بعد أن خرجت الدبابات من حماه ودير الزور حسب تصريح السفير التركي ووزير الخارجية التركي ومستشار الرئيس التركي؟ أم أنه لم يكن هناك متظاهرين أساساً سوى هؤلاء المجرمين؟

كفاكم استغباءً لقارئيكم، فلو أنك نشرت هكذا خبر عن أي منطقة في الولايات المتحدة مكان إقامتك بدون أن تقدم دليل لحاكموك فما بالك بنشر أخبار تؤدي إلى مقتل شباب سوري يصدقكم فينتفض في وجه سلطة بلده نجدةً لوهم أخبرتوه به؟ هل الهدف هو قتل هؤلاء الشباب حتى لا يقاتلوا اسرائيل؟ أما إذا أردتم بيع نظرية أن سورية لم تطلق طلقة واحدة في الجولان، فحاولوا أن تعطوها ضوءاً أخضراً أو غطاءً سياسياً وانظروا ماذا تفعل، ولا تخذلوها كما خذلتم حزب الله الذي حرر أسراه وأسرى العرب وقاوم جبروت اسرائيل لمدة 34 يوماً ثم انتصر. وسأعطيك معلومة عن قتال السوريين لاسرائيل بعد حرب 1973، فجرب أن تبحث في غوغل أو يوتيوب عن معركة السلطان يعقوب في لبنان بعيد الاجتياح الاسرائيلي لتعرف أن هذا الجيش الذي تحاول تدمير سمعته بروايات غير موثقة قد قام بتدمير 160 دبابة اسرائيلية ولم يخسر سوى شهيدين اثنين فقط، هذا الجيش الذي يجب أن يكون مصدر افتخار لجميع العرب وليس متلقٍ لسيل من التهم، فلا تنسَ بأن عناصر جيش مدرب لا يسقطون قتلى من شعارات سلمية يا سيد ملحم.

عنوان المقالة وتعليقنا إذا تم نشره:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Comments Analyzing an LA Times Article Today

Did anybody even bother to edit this BS article before posting it here? Or the Arabic lady who wrote it lacks basics of English language? Let’s see what she wrote in Basic English & comment on the content as well:

Obviously Mr. Erdogan of Turkey after being grilled by his own opposition 2 major parties in Turkey for the arrogant way addressing the southern neighbor with over 800 kms shared borders wanted to appear as a hero claiming credit for the removal of tanks from streets in Hama, Central Syria, the story the writer failed to point out while Mr. Erdogan himself stated, also, seems that the writer, obviously motivated by her political view of Syria alike the Hariri bloc in Lebanon, has also missed the harsh respond Mr. Erdogan’s firm message statement from Syrian officials, after the Prime Minister of Turkey stated that he’ll be dispatching his Foreign Minister Davut Uglo to Syria to deliver a ‘firm message’, received an instant reply from an aide of president Assad, Mrs. Shaaban: “If the Turkish envoy is coming to deliver a firm message, he will hear a more firm message from Syrian leadership condemning Turkey’s ignorance of facts”.

Mr. Uglo was received with frown faces as it was totally obvious in the footage the media displayed from all Syrian delegates in the meeting, President Mr. Assad, the Syrian FM Mr. Moallem, President’s Aide Mrs. Shaaban, and the 4th delegate to the right of Mr. Assad, which explains that the Syrian leadership didn’t bend to Turkish pressure as claimed which also explains what the reporter mentioned of continuous security operations throughout the country with an exception of pulling armored vehicles from Hama after completing their tasks!

In her efforts to show that the regime in Syria as a bunch of criminals facing civilized communities within the country, the writer uses a very twisted language, she says: “According to the activists, 10,000 soldiers with 32 tanks entered the border area, broke into homes, looted personal belongings and arrested 25 youths” Now in this one sentence the reporter outdone herself in previous articles, or maybe it’s the experience she gained in writing in the same manner each time describing the Syrian Government Forces, how? Let’s take a closer look:

“According to activists”: Since the beginning of events in Syria we started to hear of activists covering the news for foreign media which was expelled due to intended bad conduct of reporting news exactly same like this article, what kind of activists is she referring to? If they are Human Rights Activists, then those HR activists should be recognized and accredited from known agencies, they should be following scientific practices in collecting the data which means they should have a presence in the country, conducting interviews, surveying, filling data forms, cross examining information and then reporting through an organizational method, while what everybody has noticed in the Syrian case, the so called activists are all of ‘one man show’ kiosk offices based abroad Syria, with no presence whatsoever on the ground, so how could they gather, analyze and cross examine the news before distributing their findings? How could so called activists, each leading a Human Rights Organization by himself with no other staff, all based outside the country, all comprised of opposition figures of the ruling government in Syria, and yet they can still from their offices abroad count 10,000 soldiers and 32 tanks! Unless these Activists are not of a Human Rights nature and could be of the same nature of ‘London Rioters’ if we can call them ‘London Activists’.

‘According to activists, 10,000 soldiers with 32 tanks entered the border area’: let’s accept that 10,000 soldiers were counted with their 32 tanks, although I don’t know how you can fit 10,000 soldiers in 32 tanks!! But let’s say they were counted, what does the reporter mean by border area? Is it an area outside the sovereignty of Syrian Government? Or within? If it’s outside then it entered another sovereign country’s land, in other words: invaded another country and in this case that other country is Turkey, as we all know there isn’t a no man zone between the two countries Syria & Turkey; and in case they were within the sovereign borders of Syria, what’s wrong with moving a national army within a country? Especially a country that is facing terrifying terrorist events from killing protesters and security forces at the same time by snipers to provoke a revolution and incite hatred between both, chopping and mutilating dead bodies of security officers and their families, in one case a brigadier in the army was attacked while he was shopping with his family, kidnapped with his 3 children, killed, chopped and all 4 of them sent in plastic bags to their family, such a country facing armed groups that entered from bordering countries attacking public and private properties, torching & looting it and erecting blockades in remote country sides, what would such a country do when these armed groups are armed with similar heavy weapons that the CIA usually provide to gangs it creates to destabilize countries opposing USA policies? Should the government in Damascus accept parts of the country under such threats? Would any country accept that? In UK, almost a 1000 teenagers were arrested, 4 killed and were all called rioters, gangs, mobs… and they weren’t even armed.

“broke into homes, looted personal belongings and arrested 25 youths”: This is remarkable, when a government body assigned a security preserving task they don’t “loot personal belongings” they confiscate suspicious materials. It’s good she used the word arrested as some of her colleagues use “kidnap” instead, and then we have “25 youths”: How on Earth did the reporter get the number and ages of those arrested? Activists? It would make more sense to arrest the activist reporting this story whose name is Oday Al Sayyed instead of letting him report this story if he is in the country in addition to those arrested, then how do you define youths? If Mr. Cameron Prime Minister of UK said: “if those committing the riots are capable of committing crimes then they are capable of facing justice” nothing different here.

“I think expanding their offensive along the border is a clear response – even more a challenge – to Turkey,” Al Sayyed said: Now our ‘activist’ has turned into a political analyst with a purpose of provoking a conflict between the two countries. If he does exist which we doubt, then he’s definitely not an HR activist and could be one of those committing crimes with the armed gangs in Syria, unless the writer have created this figure to serve her political alliance in neighboring country Lebanon, as she is also not in Syria.

The rest of the article is self-explained in contrary with the preceding of it, but it goes without saying that most people reading news they skim and mostly satisfied with the beginning part of the news article and do not continue to the end.

The article and our comment can be found here:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Speed of the Internet - Twitter Journalism

When you want to pass a news information unless you are sure about your source try to avoid, if you can't avoid say that you cannot confirm as to put your reader/ viewer in a position not to make any decision based upon your unverified piece of information, that's all just to keep your credibility.

We told them Syria is different, they didn't believe and thought they can copy their success in destabilizing and destructing decades long serving regimes in the region onto Syria, we warned them, but they insisted on their plan, so we tell them: You will reap what you sow.

In one of the ways Syria is different any mishandling of an event in Syria will deface the person mishandling it, in particular, if the way you are mishandling was intended not to pass an info as much as you want to fuel a crisis, the worst mishandling is when that fueling results in losing lives of innocents who based their judgments on the information passed by such 'professional journalists'.

This is a second post in regards with how a CNN anchor Ms. Hala Gorani deals with the current events in Syria where we cannot understand how fast Ms. Gorani responds to adopt news of negative value towards the Syrian Government while hesitate in even mentioning any positive news towards the govt. or any person who feels he or she deserves to see the truth and verified information on an internationally well known news station and not to be silenced by the anchor in a sarcastic way, our first blog is here: 

Today we will see another instant of a news but this time on a magnitude scale that might cause a sect of people to divide and have internal clashes and more intended to cause a crack in the Syrian army between officers serving under the former minister of defense and the officers serving under the new minister forgetting that the loyalty of a Syrian soldier comes first to the country Syria and second to the leader of the army the president and unlike other armies Syrian Army Soldiers and Officers loyalty is unshakable which explains that despite over 5 months not a single brigade or even an officer of importance has defected from the army!!

The instant goes as follows: Ms. Gorani tweets: "Seeing reports Ali Habib, the Defense Minister Assad sacked yesterday, was found dead/died in his home.  

Seeing reports Ms. Gorani? Is this a new trend in journalism? You see reports then you deliver a news of this magnitude? Forget that the person mentioned in your tweet is holding the second rank in the Syrian Army, forget that he was the deputy head of the armed force in Syria, forget that he was a hero throughout his career, keep aside he's one of the most decorated officers, leave all that aside, how about his family? His home city people? Or was your information intended to cause damage to all of that? I hope I'm wrong.

Ms. Gorani of course didn't mention in her tweet why the former minister was replaced and chose the word 'Sacked', that might not be wrong but using this word itself gives a hidden message that the minster was punished due to loyalty doubts or at least bad conduct, while the majority of Syrian people know the fact the former minister Mr. Habib was having health issues and the time of crisis in Syria would require full attention he's not capable of right now as lives are being lost on daily basis from civilians and army officers all over the country. 

When someone brings to her attention in a reply to her first tweet above, that Mr. Habib is not dead and it's confirmed, still Ms. Gorani's journalist professionalism suddenly awakes and inquire for a source?! 
Hala Gorani: "What's the source?  he's alive and it's confirmed"

The well known anchor speeds light in correcting the tweet after speeding the same light in spreading the first rumor only when a prominent reporter Mr. Ian Black confirms the news that Mr. Habib wasn't found dead, she retweets without her sarcastic comments this time:
Hala Gorani: "RT  ali habib, sacked syrian defence minister is "more than alive" according to damascus source who saw him this morning "

Honestly, we are trying to understand what line of journalism does Ms. Gorani follows but obviously it's not a constructive one to a country that did no harm against Ms. Gorani, while it's worth mentioning that a month ago she was personally in Damascus and meeting the deputy foreign minster of Syria Mr. Faisal Miqdad, so why Ms. Gorani don't you refrain yourself from reporting unverified news and news based on seeing reports? We hope Ms. Gorani returns to credible sources especially in a country that faces an internal conflict and that any unverified wrong news might cause lost of lives of innocents.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Comment on a CNN Wild Report

Honestly, I don't know till when you can keep spreading your lies! We thought that the lies of WMD in Iraq would be the biggest this century, but there you go, outdoing yourselves for the sake of spilling more blood of an additional Middle East country, all of that just to keep israel safe without any threat when it couldn't even be at par with Hezbulla alone. You guys are sick, worst than Hitler's propagandists.

Your inability to report from within Syria doesn't give you any excuse to base your stories on vague 'eye witnesses', it was such lies that expelled you & others from the country when chaos started by the responsible government there.

A tank shelled a bomb next to a hospital causing the deaths of 55 citizens yesterday? How did you verify that? Two eye witnesses called you from the city that all its communications were cut? Or your 'eye' witnesses are in Abu Dhabi in the UAE like the one your colleague Aljazeerra called & he told them on air that he wasn't able along with people from the area to check the derailed train and even he wasn't allowed to check the train he still couldn't find victims on board?! Is this the low level in journalism you had reached?

Reuters sick Jordanian reporter yesterday at mid day reported "scores were killed as tanks ran into Hama", later in the afternoon he reported that "4 were killed as the tanks were trying to enter the city" then in the evening he reported "9 people killed across the country...& tanks were on the outskirts of Hama besieging the city"..!!! As if people will forget what he was reporting earlier, or maybe like you here, was too anxious to report tolls of deaths letting away facts in the most quiet Friday till now especially in Hama where elders of the city have agreed with the governor to hand over criminal elements & restore peace to their city!

I warn you, any drop of blood spilled in this country when people believe your lies & attack police stations in revenge will stain your hands as the blood of each Iraqi citizen wasted over 8 years because of your lies is on your neck and your colleagues till judgement day. If you think this is a video game reporting fake news from your desks far away just to see blood on the streets & count "scores of dead bodies" I'm afraid to tell you it is not. Those are human beings, just like you and each member of your families, and there's a God up there, even if atheists don't agree, he is watching you & might not shell you with a bomb from a tank but he has his ways in punishing, now & when you face him.

You might win the media war now by selling yourselves more, but that's only on the account of your credibility, honor & humanity.

The link to the article & our comment on it:

Recommended: Read some replies by Zionists freaks on our comments, some even didn't read our comment because they were afraid to face reality.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Comment on the Washington Post: Question of the Day Article in Regards with Syria

The congresswoman is out of touch or maybe just playing the party game, because even if the administration was a Republican they'd send this specific ambassador: Mr. Ford at this specific time for a simple reason: Syrian people in their utmost majority dubbed the ambassador as 'Prince of Jihad' & 'The Destabilizing Delivery Boy'. Not out of the blue, but the 'Prince of Jihad' is coordinating anti-Assad acts through his embassy in Damascus, meeting several elements in the criminal gangs attacking the Syrian army & Syrias infrastructure, distributing the money needed by the thugs financed by CIA & several Arab countries, going to a maximum unprecedented point by driving all the way to restive areas on one time Hama city, over 130 miles to the north of his embassy just to deliver high tech communication devices to the criminals in the city which are difficult to trace by the Syrian authorities, and against all diplomatic conducts between member states signatories of the Geneva Convention causing Syrian Foreign Minister to threat that he'd restrain the ambassador's movements within a 25 kms (15.5 miles) around the US Embassy in Damascus.

It's not the US Administration who should block the appointment of the 'Prince of Jihad: Peince: Robert ben Ford', it should be the Syrian government which is showing extreme flexibility in preserving the peace & security order in this world that the US & allies are outdoing themselves in destabilizing, taking in consideration the nature of the rogue elements attacking the Syrian army whom are clearly proved to be Al Qaeda members and not a popular uprising by the Syrians; that itself cast a heavy doubt on all previous activities of Al Qaeda since 9/11 & before about its goals & who is able to set them, train these fighters, finance them and coordinate their missions.

Link to the article & our comment:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Comment on the Criminal Bayanoni's Article on Guardian

The Muslim Brotherhood (Arabic Al Qaeda Branch) Myth:

I don't want to start this comment talking about the criminal writer, I'd try to comment on its contents first.. oops, I said ‘criminal writer’, well, I'm sorry, but couldn't help it.

Let's start: "When President Bashar Al-Assad came to power all the international, regional and national communities were willing to give him a chance to start a process of gradual political reform". - Name one of those as my memory is failing me to remember any international, regional or national community was willing to give him a chance, of course, the same who stood with his father are the same who are still with him till now, nothing changed.

"But 11 years on, and five months since the start of Syria's youthful, peaceful, nationalist popular uprising, Assad's regime remains unreformed" - very interesting how you can put so many lies in one sentence: Syria's youthful: first of all it's not Syria's it is the families of Muslim Brotherhood criminals and not Syria's because as the events unfold we get more evidence that it's only concentrated in stronghold small areas where such families live. Let's also not forget 3 huge challenges that President Assad had to face during his presidency that delayed reforms but preserved the country as a state: The US led invasion then occupation of Iraq in early 2003; The assassination of his friend former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq Hariri in 2005 & the implications of it especially accusing Syria for the crime for more than 4 years before changing their minds and accusing Hezbollah instead; Then both of the 2006 israeli vicious aggression on Lebanon & destroying the entire infrastructure of the neighboring country keeping high alert in Syria, and after that the 2007 - 2008 extremely criminal aggression of israel on the powerless under siege Gaza keeping in mind over 450,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria.

"Peaceful"? Well, maybe Mr. writer is either delusional, not updated, or trying to hide something, because as everyone saw killing civilians from other sects, security officers and army soldiers and even conscripts, then chopping them in pieces, bagging the pieces and sending to their families, or dumping them into Orontes river.

"Nationalist popular uprising": Let me say that not a single Syrian from any side is against the Syrian President's foreign or national policies. Popular? What do you call a clan of maximum 10,000 all over the country demonstrating for over 5 months & not getting momentum, on the contrary it's decreasing except in some news channels of course, same like who promoted the lies for the war on Iraq.. Urpising: attacking government buildings, killing others opposing your opinion, burning private & public properties, carrying weapons in public, erecting blockades, forcing people to close their shops.. that's not uprising, that's destruction.

"The regime's promised programme of "reforms" – including repealing the state of emergency, licensing public demonstrations, the formation of political parties and the regulation of elections – has proven to be simply cosmetic." How do you know it's cosmetic if you & your party refused to discuss it, contribute in shaping it, refused to take advantage of 2 presidential pardons within a 1 month time covering your criminal mob in specific? Besides, if the president calls for immediate elections, can you explain the steps? or just break the system then we'll see? who will be in charge of election committees? who will monitor? you think Syrian people will accepts international interference in their elections? who will count the votes? on what basis will the elections be held? Existing constitution or you need a new constitution? It's not reform you call for, you are calling for a collapse of a state just like in Somalia to reach a famine after US succeeds in establishing a siege on the country.

“The Syrian people, of all political persuasions, believe that the crimes committed by the regime's forces – which they continue to perpetrate in Dara'a, Doma, Homs, Rastan, Banyas, Baydah, al-Marqab, Jisr al-Shaghur, Hama, Bukamal and Dir al-Zur – have not met an appropriate reaction from the international community.”: Trust me on this: The Syrian people, of all political persuasions, believe that the crimes committed by the Mulsim Brotherhood Terrorists & the crimes they’re committing in several areas of Syria where they have presence, are being ignored by the international community due to the pressure the USA levies on that community and the extreme propaganda practiced by their media tools.

“Assad has proved that he has no regard for the blood of his own people”: Actually, it’s the armed gangs massacres committed by your terrorist organization and if the Syrian Army or Security forces have even used 1% of the force you claim then tolls of civilians killed would exceed tens of thousands till now, or explain how media claims the shelling of Dara during the events there & there’s not a single bomb trace anywhere in the city? And all those reported killed are of same age and within same circles of friends, mostly strangers of the residents of the city itself?

“The time has come to reject this myth”: I’m afraid I have to agree with you on this, but please don’t tell anyone that I agreed with you on anything because I wouldn’t want my name stained with your infamous name. Yes, the time has come to reject the myth you have planted along with your friends Abdul Halim Khaddam, Rifat Assad, Bandar Bin Sultan, Hariri junior and the other gang.

I guess you would be the last person on this planet and your blood thirsty organization would be the last organization on this planet to talk about sects and sectarian issues, no one is more sectarian than you, nobody ever killed on the basis of religion like you & the Lebanese Jaja criminal gangs back in the 70s & 80s of last centuries. The hatred you hold against your fellow Syrians exceeds even Hitler’s hate towards the Russians during WWII, and only on par with the hate Zionists have towards humanity.

Just to wake you up from your delusional ideas and to remind you that the late Assad regime didn’t massacre people of Hama, it was his brother Rifat, your current ally, and those killed in Hama weren’t because of their demand of ‘freedom’ from the state (Anarchy), it was because of the crimes they committed all over the country, or should I remind you with the bombing of the civilian train from Aleppo to Damascus that killed dozens of innocent people by your gang? Or the Azbakiya building bombing that killed scores of civilians and workers in a street in the heart of Damascus? Or the attack on the house of the governor of Hama then Mr. Harba by hundreds of your gang members? Or the bombing on the Artillery School in Aleppo your conscript Aroor committed? Shall I go on? The list is long Mr. Writer of this article, and the people of Syria don’t forget easily.

In Syria contacting a foreign state & accepting aid from it in order to destabilize your own country is considered a ‘Treason’ & it’s not a political point of view like in neighboring Lebanon. In Syria, treason has the capital penalty in the justice system and that’s for a good reason, that’s why you find traitors detained when they make contact with foreign countries and incite hatred in their country between compositions of the country.

The fear that Syria descends into chaos is very justified taking in consideration the armed elements of your organization tendency to anarchy especially those found in Hama, Der Ezzor and the smaller border towns. That same fear that keeps the majority of Syrians not falling for your empty slogans like ‘freedom’, any normal country wouldn’t allow you to burn public or private properties out of a freedom of opinion, or freedom to protest, not any country on this planet would allow attacking police stations with automatic weapons and killing scores of the policemen just because you differ in your opinion with the ruling party and want to voice your own opinion in that matter. If there’s such a country that accepts this please let us know, and I will arrange sending all your gangsters in Hama to that country free of charge, and without trial.

Your organization history is very well known so you don’t need to give us a history lesson on your tolerance when you don’t have any tolerance to anybody else who doesn’t look like you or believe in your ideology.


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